Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ombre Red Lips

Ombre Silver and black eye makeup look

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tarte Bon Voyage Holiday Collection Review!!!

Who doesn't love value sets? I know I do, but not when the value set doesn't have that much value. Ill explain why in just a little bit. But first of all how cute is the Parisian theme for this set? Ahha so in love! I bought this set for $59.99 on, If you do want to find out where you can purchase this I have posted a link right below!!

The set includes, cheek stain, palette, mascara, mini powder, sample size of  lights action mascra, lip stain and lip gloss. and a sample size marucuja oil.

- 0.13 oz Deluxe lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara 
- 0.17 oz Limited-edition deluxe cheek stain in Muse (soft nude) 
- 0.27 oz LipSurgence lip gloss in Visionary (apricot) 
- 0.06 oz LipSurgence lip tint in Romantic (peachy nude) 
- 0.23 oz Deluxe maracuja oil 
- 0.07 oz Deluxe smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder 
- Limited-edition collector’s travel bag 

The palette comes with 20 shades which vary more towards the cool tones.
you have your greens, dark purples, brown, muaves, light browns. All which are perfect for that smokey eye.But the only problem is that it doesn't blend well and they are very chalky! IT is the only real reason i bought this palette! I really tried working with this palette for a good 3 weeks but it just doesn't work for me. Ive used it on my clients and myself and it is just a fail, sad to say.


The Deluxe Smooth operator Amazonian clay finsihing powder. it leaves my skin feeling like velvet until i noticed that when i take picture i have white all under my eyes. then i noticed that it was flashback, which means that when someone takes a photo of you and you have this powder on your face it will make your face look white! Here is a picture of me to prove this insanity to all of you. I noticed that if I blend it out for a really really long time that this powder does do justices.

What a huge fail!! 
You just have to blend like crazy!!!!!!!!

Next item!

The Marcuja oil is amazing, I have very dry skin and I apply this at night before I set off to my sleeping slumbers, in the morning my skin seems to look more refreshed and less dry! I put it on at night and in the morning my skin is soo freakin soft, especially now that it is winter I need this baby in my life!!!!. Once I run out of this product I will repurchase the bigger size!!!

The Cheek stain is a very natural based color I applied this to my cheeks with my hands and it gave me the natural blushing look. In the color super fruit, if you are more dark skinned then this won't really give u a nice blushing look.

The lip stain has a very peppermint smell to it and is an orangery color. Which isn't to flattering if you have stained teeth. But I love the stain it leaves on my lips,  just gorgeous!

The lip gloss HAS  THIS amazing smell! Very sugary! Which is one of my favorite product in this set. It isn't to glossy or to thick just perfect in my humble opinion!
They are both similar colors the lip gloss is in the color Visionary and the lips stain is in the color Romance.

Left is the lip stain stick and to the right is the lipgloss.


Last but not least!!!!!! Lights Camera Action Lashes, Mascara!!!!!!  This mascara I have to say is good quality because it has small bristles and I can apply mascara to those smaller lashes without getting it all under my eye.You can see in this picture below that the bristles are so small and precise that you it really is a good prodcut!

Over all i would recommend this set to beginners who are just starting off with makeup to get a feel of makeup. I would give a 7 out of 10.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to.. Sultry eyemakeup

Who doesn't love a sultry and sexy makeup look?

Here are a few steps on how to achieve this look!
The products I used are Revlon photo-ready eye shadow palette in graffiti and tarte bon voyage palette.

We start of with a fresh clean base, I applied my Urban decay primer and then applied the gold copper shadow on my lid from inner to outer corner.

After that I applied a transition shade. What is a transition shade you might ask? A transition shade is a soft brown color, which is applied to the crease and when you apply the darker shade it wont look as harsh.
Blend, blend, blend!!

  Now I applied a Deep plum shade, on the tarte bon voyage palette, the shade on the upper right corner. On my outer corner in a sideways v shape, I went along the lid and up and over the crease
Now start blending in little circles and just blend, blend, blend!!! To the inner and outer corners of your eye, Make sure you don't apply to much eye-shadow before blending otherwise you will struggle with blending. Remember, its better to start of  with less color and build up then apply to much and struggle with your eyes. It is easier to build up, less is more sometimes.
You can see how the deep plum shade blends into the transition shade very effortlessly,  giving it a softer look.

Now apply the same exact color on your lashes towards the center. Make sure to blend it out creating a soft and smokey effect underneath your eyes. 

Pretty simple right? I lined my eyes with Nars "Longer  Then Life Eyeliner". I decided to go with a wing liner then lining my water line. Then taking my MAC "Shroom" and adding to my brow bone.
After you have applied your eyeliner, apply some mascara on your top and bottom lashes. 
Then I added some false lashes from Ardell. i forgot the style number name.

I decided to blend out the edge of the wing for a little bit of depth and not having so much harshness for this look.
After you are finshed apply your foundation and under eye concealer and clean up under your eye if you have fall out. blend in the under eye concealer with the color on bottom of your eye.
And the eye look is complete. I finished it off with some Dior Blush in 763 Corail and  Nude toned Gloss from Revlon in the color Bellini. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mac Lipliner Subculture and ...

Mac is a well known lipstick and the more I am learning about makeup the more I come up with knew techinques and use other peoples techinques.

I have always had a difficult time lining my lips but as I apply it more and more it is coming more fluently to me.

I start of with a fresh base, I put a lip balm on to hydrate my lips and then let that sink into my lips for a few minutes. Then I apply foundation over my face and on my lips. When I apply foundation on my lips I feel like the color pigmentaion is much more stronger and you have blank canves to start of with,
I start of with applying the lip liner on my top lip on the right corner and work my way to the middle. And then make my way to the corner again. I work very carefully because you have to with lipliner you dont want to over line your lips (unless thats your style) and have your lips to be un even.

To clean up a red lipliner like this you have to apply concealer to shape it out.

No FlASH!!


Ombre Lips! Nude status!

I used Elizabeth Arden Lip liner in Taupe to outline my lips, then  I added Makeup forever artist Rouge Shade 22 to the center. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Milani Lipstick Review

Milani is a well known company and has been out for more then a decade, or since I can remember. This lipstick I am reviewing for you guys has been the latest craze and it is highly reviewed by a lot of people. I purchased it in my local Walgreens for $3.79. This lipstick is Cabaret Blend, a cool toned red lipstick, when in taken a photo with flash you can see it really looks a lot different then when it is in natural lighting..When you first open up the lipstick you can smell a sugary candy sent. Which kind of reminds me of the 99 cent lipsticks I used to purchase as a child. The color is gorgeous but I didn't like it when I applied it was very patchy.....One little problem! It bleeds! ah I know, for such an amazing price you think you were getting a great steal but not really. Here is a picture.  Unless I put lip liner on it does bleed threw the crack into my face! It leaves a stain for quite a while which is great if you dont want such a dark look but love the color, just blot the lipstick on a piece of tissue or napkin then you will have a nice burgundy stain on your lips. Overall I do love the pigmentation and the shine it gives but not how it can bleed so easily. I did test it out when my lips were covered in foundation to give it a fresh base and it still bleed. The only time it didnt bleed as much is when I used lipliner with it but it did later on... Sad to say I won't be purchasing another lipstick from this company, unless they formulate it better.

I had waited about 15 minutes and you can see it already started to bleed on the bottom. (Excuse my peach fuzz!) And the lipstick seats deep into the crevasses in my lips.

And this is the final result after I had kissed my son, drank my coffee and etc... It left a deep stain which I love but it isn't such an apealing look. Look at my bottom lip!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Makeup

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never finished my smokey eye!!!

So I was doing a smokey eye and was about to add some fake lashes and glam it up with my whole face but mommy duty called! So guess this is as far as it went!
I used the real techniques brushes for this look!